Building Visualizations in Web Intelligence – New and Improved

by Analaura Salazar on May 6, 2019 No comments

Building visualizations in webi feature image

With so many different Business Intelligence tools out there to use for reporting and business needs, it is sometimes hard to choose one that will fit the business. One tool, that is loved by many, could assist you in just that. This tool is non-other than Web Intelligence. Webi is a powerful tool to build beautiful and interactive visualizations. Take your reports to the next level by watching this webinar!

During this webinar, Michael showcased the latest enhancements and features that Web Intelligence has to offer from a data visualization perspective. Michael covered topics such as input controls, intra-document linking, and so much more. After watching this webinar, users will be able to produce a new level of eye-catching dashboard designs.

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Analaura SalazarBuilding Visualizations in Web Intelligence – New and Improved

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