Let’s Speak BO Together– Highlights of 2018

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The Let’s Speak BO Webinar series that began in the winter of 2015 just recently concluded its third straight year of bi-weekly Business Intelligence Webinars with a fantastic close. Adam Lange, with A. Lange Consulting, lead a jam packed session dedicated to all of the new things our BusinessObjects community can expect when upgrading to BI 4.2 SP6. From Administrative enhancements to reporting feature releases, our SpeakBO listeners received a wealth of information to consider with their BusinessObjects investment moving forward into the New Year.

For me, it has been a privilege not only hosting the Let’s Speak BO webinar series for three years, but also forming relationships with the vast BusinessObjects community worldwide. Some of my favorite emails and calls have been with devoted listeners expressing gratitude and excitement for the free educational offering, which seems to be quite unique these days in the space of SAP BusinessObjects information sharing when it comes to the original core BusinessObjects toolset.

Here’s a look at some of the topics hosted in 2018 that viewers found very helpful to not only improve their personal work with the tools, but also inspire decision making when it comes to upgrades, looking into third party solutions, leveraging the existing platform and all of its features, assisting group training within organizations, and more.

BusinessObjects Administration:

This year we hosted a variety of topics for BusinessObjects Administrators. The topics include:

...and of course the latest and greatest with the recent release of BI 4.2 SP6.

Inspired by our listeners, the Let’s Speak BO webinar series has put together a new lineup of Administrative topics for 2019.

Topics like:

  • Customizing your BI Launchpad for Global Branding and Organization Synchronization
  • Discovering the Administrative Management Tool in Web Intelligence
  • A Migration look at Converting Desktop Intelligence Reports to Web Intelligence

…and much more!

The World of Web Intelligence in 2018:

One of the most requested, well attended, and popular topics among the BusinessObjects community seems to remain that of the well-regarded reporting tool- Web Intelligence. This year on Let’s Speak BO, we put together more topics on Web Intelligence for our listeners than ever before. And still, they cannot seem to get enough.

In a single hour, our viewers received fantastic deep-dives into topics like:

…and so much more!

The topics didn’t end there.

This year we had fascinating case studies and new topics on:

As a listener myself to these amazing sessions, I have learned a lot about where the community of BusinessObjects is in regards to educating themselves and wanting to improve upon their usage of these fantastic tools. It inspires me to further my relationships with individuals and organizations, large or small, out there who are inspired to grow within their investment by continuing to learn about these tools, and more importantly, help others within their organization expand their reaches by learning and educating themselves as well.

To conclude the year, I would like to thank a special few of our listeners who shared countless calls and emails with me chatting about their experiences with BusinessObjects and sharing their story on how they lead educational sessions and webinars of their own, inspired by our bi-weekly webinar series. Or how a professor of a prestigious university has his students not only listen live to our webinars, but then write papers or conduct group projects on what they learned, to better prepare them for the real world.

These stories, I personally get to leave the year with, have truly inspired what’s to come:

  • 2019’s Line up of Webinar Topics
  • Open Format Discussions
  • Live Q&A’s

…and brand new customer case studies that I hope you all continue to enjoy and benefit from.

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Bree-Anna MustadLet’s Speak BO Together– Highlights of 2018

SAP Dashboards – Saving Time by Reusing Dashboards as a Template Solution

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SAP Dashboards – Saving Time by Reusing Dashboards as a Template Solution

As many SAP Dashboard developers can attest to, building out a fully operational and end to end dashboard solution using the longtime BusinessObjects data visualization tool, SAP Dashboards, can be an arduous task. SAP Dashboards, previously known as Xcelsius, takes quite a bit of planning, implementation, and iterations in order to get the final deliverable you and your team were aiming for.

So imagine the idea of building a dashboard once and then reusing it as a template that just populates new data automatically when the new data is ready. Sounds too good to be true? Lori Wagner, Business Intelligence Project Manager takes our audience through a fascinating case study on exactly how her organization implemented such a solution that in turn increased work productivity and efficiency due to their no longer being a demand to create new dashboards per new datasets.


This story incorporates a team of developers and SAP Dashboards consultants that were able to map out a detailed project that based upon the design, look and feel, would accommodate the automation of updated data sets utilizing the third party add-on platform, InfoBurst. Having the ability to schedule and deliver data from multiple sources including SAP Universes, SAP BO reports, database queries and more, allows the developers to sit back and enjoy the production ready dashboard that, based upon a set schedule, will populate the latest data and deliver the custom template dashboard to a variety of end users for consumption.

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Bree-Anna MustadSAP Dashboards – Saving Time by Reusing Dashboards as a Template Solution

Platform Optimization: Harmonizing Processes at a Nationwide Supermarket Chain

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Platform Optimization: Harmonizing Processes at a Nationwide Supermarket Chain

This case study is a fascinating one for any organization, supermarket or not, that is looking for a holistic Business Intelligence approach to multiple platform synchronization in order to improve upon data governance and the consolidation of reports. Albertsons/ Safeway, a recently merged Nation-wide supermarket chain has for many years heavily relied upon SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise as their primary reporting software. Coupled with SAP BI4 and InfoSol’s InfoBurst Enterprise Platform, this webinar takes an in-depth approach to looking at how a Business Intelligence team created an effective management strategy in order to join data generated from SAP BI4 and the InfoBurst Platform into a single analysis and reporting platform.


Case Studies hosted on our Let’s Speak BO webinar series seem to gather the most attendance, primarily because all of us within the BusinessObjects community are continuing to look for way to leverage our existing environments in better, more efficient ways. Rather than the unfortunate approach these days, to moving off of our investments into something new.

Crystal Reports and Crystal for Enterprise have both been around since the beginning of SAP’s BusinessObjects adoption. Over 37,000 Companies in the United States today still rely upon Crystal as their primary reporting tool. These records, considering the advancements in tools like SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, are still quite high considering the majority of our high-tech age in the business world seem to still prefer viewing their reports in PDF or Excel outputs, regardless of the reporting tool used. Crystal is fantastic for this. From generating invoices, creating neat and customizable reports, to pushing data out on a scheduled bases with InfoBurst to large subsets of customers, emails, FTP sites, in formats like PDF, Excel and more… Albertsons/ Safeway succeeded in a fascinating Business Intelligence use case of what it means to consolidate, leverage, automate, and ultimately “optimize” their multi-platform investment.

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Bree-Anna MustadPlatform Optimization: Harmonizing Processes at a Nationwide Supermarket Chain

Streamlining Sales with Business Intelligence – A Case Study webinar

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Kicking off our New Year Speak BO webinar series, Tyler Koitka, Senior Consultant with InfoSol shared a fascinating customer case study on the implementation of this organization’s first Business Intelligence solution.

The solution took shape in the collaboration of Web Intelligence and InfoBurst; InfoSol’s report distribution and delivery platform that provides enhanced customization options to BusinessObjects report distribution needs.

This case study shared the resolve of an organizations need to push data outputs filtered by sales person, region and time zone, containing only that sales person Sales Force data, and automatically display the results in the output of a report (Web Intelligence), but embedded as HTML into individual emails.

The “push-method” solution required updated data on a daily bases. However, as Tyler shared with the webinar audience, the organization contained sales people in different regions around the world. This proposed a bit of a challenge when trying to work with SAP BusinessObjects native scheduling options – seeing that organization required these reports to be delivered to each sales person regardless of regional location, first thing in the morning in order to update them on the latest leads from Sales Force. InfoBurst came into play nicely at this stage of the implementation, allowing custom scheduling options and a robust macro builder that enabled them to push data to multiple regions (in the morning), filtered by sales rep, and formatted in HTML so that the report was embedded automatically into the individual email accounts. The emphasis also being that none of the end users actually had to log into the BO Launchpad in order to view their morning reports.

From Sales Force through Web Intelligence to embedded emails, this case study was a nice example of an organizations first Business Intelligence implementation where only two tools allowed them to streamline what was prior, a very manual and time-consuming process.

I look forward to hearing more of these customer case studies at IBIS 2018, a conference that hosts dedicated case study in our Limitless BI Track, hosting stories of how others leveraged BusinessObjects for the first time in order to implement their first Business Intelligence solution.

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Bree-Anna MustadStreamlining Sales with Business Intelligence – A Case Study webinar