Getting the Most out of Experts in the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Community

by Bree-Anna Mustad on May 17, 2018 No comments

This week the Let’s Speak BO webinar series hosted a panel of three Web Intelligence experts who participated in a live question and answer series for our webinar community. Participants to the webinar were able to submit an unlimited number of questions that pertained to their business and ask them directly to the panel of experts.

Each expert on the Let’s Speak BO took the time to not only discuss the question but also, for some, demonstrate the answers right there for the audience to see. Topics for this series ranged from Universe and data security in Web Intelligence, to report formatting how-to tips and tricks, what’s coming in future versions, comparative questions on features between different builds, and more.

While each of our three panelists took the time to work through our list of pre-submitted questions, we also received live questions throughout the webinar. This provided our audience with a plethora of information, drilling into the details of each question and beyond.


From my seat, it was such an informative experience to not only hear the related questions from customers in the SAP BusinessObjects space based upon their work within Web Intelligence, but to also get a better understanding from our participants on how Web Intelligence is truly being used today. It continues to be a reporting solution for many that cannot be replaced; jam-packed with features that are continuing to be explored and unveiled, as well as the ability to connect to a variety of data sources in a variety of way – SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence continues to push all boundaries of a reporting solution and is a topic we always enjoy discussing on Let’s Speak BO.

Due to the success of such an open, Q&A-format, webinar for our BusinessObjects Community InfoSol plans to host a follow up to Ask the Experts sometime in July.

Stay tuned for up-coming webinars here.

Bree-Anna MustadGetting the Most out of Experts in the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Community

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