Key Takeaways from Folding with Web Intelligence 4.3 SP2 - Webi Origami

by John S on March 29, 2022 No comments
Folding with Web Intelligence 4.3 SP2 Webi Origami Feature Image Did you miss our March 29th webinar Folding with Web Intelligence 4.3 SP2 - Webi Origami? We have a quick summary of the webinar with the webinar presenters’ key takeaways from their session. Here is the webinar overview: Being able to view report Totals and subtotals and then expand and dig into one of the subtotals while keeping the others still collapsed – this is a feature in Web Intelligence that has some very valuable enhancements in Webi 4.3 sp2. It is now easy and intuitive to analyze a report with folds and this session will cover how to set this up in multiple scenarios.

Key takeaways from this session:

Folding is much easier in 4.3
  • After adding sections and/or breaks to your report, find the folding options on the Display menu
  • Notice the “On report” arrows rather than outside the report as in 4.2
Folding has hover-over tooltips and right click options
  • Clicking on the folding arrow will expand or collapse that section/break
  • Right clicking on the arrow gives options to fold/unfold “All”
Exporting with Folding is “What you see is what you get”
  • Excel and PDF exports will display exactly what is folded/unfolded in Webi at the time of export
  • Neither Excel or PDF will have the expanding arrows.
Visual components can be added to sections with some Advanced Webi features
  • Charts will not display in folded sections
  • However, cells WILL display in the section
  • Cells can include formulas & Unicode to create visual effects
Don’t forget you can stream this webinar in its entirety as well as ever other Let’s Speak BO webinar we’ve hosted when you are logged in on the site. It is completely free to join!
John SKey Takeaways from Folding with Web Intelligence 4.3 SP2 - Webi Origami

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