Key Takeaways from Formatting Web Intelligence 4.3 Like a Pro Webinar

by John S on January 19, 2022 No comments

Formatting Webi Intelligence 4.3 Like a Pro Webinar Graphic

Did you miss our January 18th webinar Formatting Web Intelligence 4.3 Like a Pro? We have a quick summary of the webinar with the webinar presenters’ key takeaways from their session. Here is the webinar overview:

First impressions matter – even for reports! This session will be covering how to use formatting shortcuts and templates to make a meaningful report stand out and shine, including new ways to format Web Intelligence in 4.3.

Key takeaways from this session:

  1. Properties panel makes formatting easier in 4.3
  2. There are many formatting shortcuts in Webi to make beautiful reports faster
  3. We recommend using a report template for consistent, beautiful reports.

In this webinar Roxanne mentioned a PDF template that we have been allowed to share. This PDF document gives the reader a view of the “SR_Template” used by the AO for Webi reports as seen in the presentation.

Don’t forget you can stream this webinar in its entirety as well as ever other Let’s Speak BO webinar we’ve hosted when you are logged in on website. It is completely free to join!

John SKey Takeaways from Formatting Web Intelligence 4.3 Like a Pro Webinar

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