BusinessObjects Q&A with the BO Expert Panel June 2023

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Join us for a Q&A focused Let’s Speak BO webinar where you, the community, get to ask, answer and discuss everything BusinessObjects!

Registrants to this webinar will be contacted in advance in order to submit questions that will be addressed at the start of the live webinar. Real-time questions throughout the webinar will also allow the community to speak directly to the expert panel.

John SBusinessObjects Q&A with the BO Expert Panel June 2023

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP4 Roadmap

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Attend this session to explore the roadmap and future directions of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, including:

  • What’s coming in the next releases, as well as the timeline and priorities for 4.3 SP4
  • The enhancements to help you adopt the BI4.3
  • How the BI4.3 SP4 will prepare the next future release, code name SAP BusinessObjects BI2024
John SSAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP4 Roadmap

The New Statement of Directions and Roadmap for BO

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In June SAP announced the significate change to SOD and Roadmap for BO Taking both the unprecise and cloud version in to the 2030’s period. They’ve also announced a new version code name BI 2024 to be released at the end of 2024. InfoSol CEO Paul Grill will explain these changes and will take any questions you may have.

John SThe New Statement of Directions and Roadmap for BO

Tips and Tricks in BusinessObjects IDT

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Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till the good is better and the better is best!” True story – My Dad’s eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Kurchigator, was well known in my family for having passed on that bit of wisdom. It was such a big thing in my family that my musical brother wrote a “Good, better, best” song. As with anything we do, we can do it at the basic level or we can try and get the most out of it. This session is “just” a tips and tricks for IDT session, but if we listen close, there might be a few pearls that will make us use IDT better. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

John STips and Tricks in BusinessObjects IDT

Upgrading BI 4.3 Part 1

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We will be doing a Part I and Part II for this topic of Upgrading to 4.3 since there is so much to cover. We have to start with the basics of planning an upgrade to get us all in the mood, but then we’ll take it a little deeper in to some of the topics specific to 4.3 SP02 upgrading based upon our experiences.

Topics will include:

  • Review General Upgrade Planning Considerations
  • Considerations from PAM Guide
  • Considerations for Browser Updates
  • Considerations for AWS or Azure Move
  • Considerations for MFA and SAML
  • Considerations for User Perspective


John SUpgrading BI 4.3 Part 1

Tips and Techniques Used to Convert SSRS Report to Web Intelligence

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When faced with the challenge of creating a new Web Intelligence report based on an existing SSRS report, there are no magic utilities available but we came up with a method that worked well. This included using the SSRS report query to build new BO universe, using Custom Calculation Contexts in the Webi report and using hide and filter techniques to match output from the SSRS report. In addition, we Improved data accuracy in the Webi report compared to the original SSRS report. This case study presentation will show how we achieved this.


John STips and Techniques Used to Convert SSRS Report to Web Intelligence

BusinessObjects as Part of BI Strategy for the Next Decade

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As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic that started well over a year ago, the importance and significance of Business Intelligence has never been more critical.

Yet, at the same time, most organizations find themselves in a situation where time, resources and budget have never been tighter. As a result, making better and more use of the BI applications in place makes a lot of sense. For many, that means leveraging BusinessObjects as it remains the most widely used BI suite in the world today.

In addition, between Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports, it offers the best BI reporting platform available.

While tools like Tableau and PowerBI are gaining larger market share in the BI space, they are used for data discovery and data visualization and not designed for BI reporting.
It is for this reason, that most organizations who have adopted these tools, retain BusinessObjects for BI reporting.

This session will both discuss and show real customer case studies of how existing BusinessObjects are adapting to the new co-existence norm and how companies, new to BI, are adopting BusinessObjects as part of their new BI strategy for the next decade.

John SBusinessObjects as Part of BI Strategy for the Next Decade