Upgrading BI 4.3 Part 1

by John S on April 12, 2022 No comments

We will be doing a Part I and Part II for this topic of Upgrading to 4.3 since there is so much to cover. We have to start with the basics of planning an upgrade to get us all in the mood, but then we’ll take it a little deeper in to some of the topics specific to 4.3 SP02 upgrading based upon our experiences.

Topics will include:

  • Review General Upgrade Planning Considerations
  • Considerations from PAM Guide
  • Considerations for Browser Updates
  • Considerations for AWS or Azure Move
  • Considerations for MFA and SAML
  • Considerations for User Perspective


John SUpgrading BI 4.3 Part 1

Tips and Techniques Used to Convert SSRS Report to Web Intelligence

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When faced with the challenge of creating a new Web Intelligence report based on an existing SSRS report, there are no magic utilities available but we came up with a method that worked well. This included using the SSRS report query to build new BO universe, using Custom Calculation Contexts in the Webi report and using hide and filter techniques to match output from the SSRS report. In addition, we Improved data accuracy in the Webi report compared to the original SSRS report. This case study presentation will show how we achieved this.


John STips and Techniques Used to Convert SSRS Report to Web Intelligence

BusinessObjects as Part of BI Strategy for the Next Decade

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As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic that started well over a year ago, the importance and significance of Business Intelligence has never been more critical.

Yet, at the same time, most organizations find themselves in a situation where time, resources and budget have never been tighter. As a result, making better and more use of the BI applications in place makes a lot of sense. For many, that means leveraging BusinessObjects as it remains the most widely used BI suite in the world today.

In addition, between Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports, it offers the best BI reporting platform available.

While tools like Tableau and PowerBI are gaining larger market share in the BI space, they are used for data discovery and data visualization and not designed for BI reporting.
It is for this reason, that most organizations who have adopted these tools, retain BusinessObjects for BI reporting.

This session will both discuss and show real customer case studies of how existing BusinessObjects are adapting to the new co-existence norm and how companies, new to BI, are adopting BusinessObjects as part of their new BI strategy for the next decade.

John SBusinessObjects as Part of BI Strategy for the Next Decade

Tips for Transitioning to the New Webi 4.3

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It may not be an understatement to consider the recent SAP BI 4.3 release as a huge milestone. This comes entirely with the new FIORI-based interface for Web Intelligence and offers a modern and new experience for ad-hoc, operational reporting, and visually rich dashboards. While this is a great foundational step towards future analytics it is also quite a transition from the classic launchpad.  This session will summarize the main highlights of the new features and functionalities in order to use the new UI and develop WebI Reports.


John STips for Transitioning to the New Webi 4.3

Automating bulk user/group upload from spreadsheet

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SAP Businessobjects provides some basic scripts as examples for using the SDK and as solutions for common requests. This presentation will cover a few of those scripts and the possibilities behind scheduling the scripts to run regularly through program objects in the BO system, as well as some ways that we modified the bulk user/group update script to meet client needs.


John SAutomating bulk user/group upload from spreadsheet

A New Way of Integrating BusinessObjects and PowerBI

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Microsoft’s Power BI, one of the popular tools for visualizations, connects to various databases and data sources. But how does it connect with BusinessObjects? Can it connect natively to BusinessObjects Universes or reports? Can I combine BusinessObjects data sources with other data sources to build a Power BI Dashboard?

Join this webinar to learn how Infosol is helping their BusinessObjects customers solve these problems. Our Product manager, Rajesh Ponnurangam will also be discussing customer case studies on leveraging BusinessObjects data sources in Power BI.

John SA New Way of Integrating BusinessObjects and PowerBI

How to bring in website or services data into Webi

by Tyler Koitka on September 28, 2021 No comments

In this session, we will discuss possible techniques and overview of options to bring in the data from web service and use them for Web Intelligence reporting. We will also see how Web Service can be used to share data from BI as well.

Tyler KoitkaHow to bring in website or services data into Webi

More Lessons from the Trenches – Part 3.5

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As time goes by, there are some interesting and generally applicable things we learn that we think are important enough to share but aren’t big enough for their own presentation. This presentation will introduce some new things we’ve come up against lately such as relatively new requirements for SSL in Chrome, automated bulk users/groups upload, reporting on which reports use Free-hand SQL, issues found in Free hand SQL reports during migration and more (there’s always more…). Looking forward to seeing you there and exchanging your unusual finds as well.


Amy ONeelMore Lessons from the Trenches – Part 3.5