Embedding Content: BusinessObjects and Tableau

by Rajesh Ponnurangam on November 10, 2020 No comments

Do you want to know how to embed BusinessObjects reports into Tableau? And how to embed Tableau worksheets into BusinessObjects reports? Join this webinar where Rajesh Ponnurangam from Infosol will walk you through the step by step process for Content embedding with SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau.


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Rajesh PonnurangamEmbedding Content: BusinessObjects and Tableau

Archiving and Retrieving Scheduled Instances

by Amy ONeel on October 27, 2020 No comments

Without limits on folders, copies of scheduled report results (instances) are saved to the repository forever.  Even with limits, many BusinessObjects environments are experiencing instance overload that can reduce performance and index time.  When migrating to a new version these instances can take a migration job from simple and quick to complex and slow.  In this presentation we will walk through the steps to archive instances that will allow you to still retrieve an instance when needed.  If you have a pesky instance problem, or want a way to avoid developing one, join us with your questions, input and shared experience.

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Amy ONeelArchiving and Retrieving Scheduled Instances

IDT Special Features Part Two

by Minith Patel on August 18, 2020 No comments

In this session we will continue to explore IDT feature in depth with more time to cover the mountain of questions that we received in our pervious session. Key feature focus will be creating connection, Multi Source Universe, data federation administration tool and if time permits a bit more about Fata foundation. This session will be delivered by our expert Minith Patel. Be sure to bring your questions as we will be dedicating more time for these special features in this segment.

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Minith PatelIDT Special Features Part Two

Predictive Analysis with BusinessObjects

by Amy ONeel on August 4, 2020 No comments

Anyone can do this! No longer the realm of the lone data analyst working on specialty code in the dark corner of the office, predictive analysis has entered the mainstream. In this presentation we will cover what to know about predictive analysis and some of the options to the business analyst from different tools to easy code snippets. We will demo some functionality in SAP Predictive Analysis and some scenarios for taking it further. Seriously….anyone can do this!

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Amy ONeelPredictive Analysis with BusinessObjects

Version Management Options for BusinessObjects

by Amy ONeel on June 9, 2020 No comments

Join Amy O’Neel to see what’s available in Versioning today with BusinessObjects both through, and separate from, Promotion Manager. She will also cover the WIP solution from EBI Experts as an example of a 3rd party solution.

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Amy ONeelVersion Management Options for BusinessObjects

Using Beyond Compare for Regression Testing of BusinessObjects Reports

by Viji Neelakantan on May 26, 2020 No comments

Leveraging InfoBurst and Beyond compare for regression testing of BusinessObjects reports as Freeport migrates from on-prem Teradata and Hadoop to Azure cloud based Snowflake environment.

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Viji NeelakantanUsing Beyond Compare for Regression Testing of BusinessObjects Reports

Backup and Restore in BusinessObjects

by Minith Patel on May 12, 2020 No comments

Most organizations assume they are doing the right thing for backups. In this session, Enterprise Architect, Minith Patel, will explain the best practices to backup and restore BusinessObjects, how to check if things are going right. Learn and understand more about the objects CUID, FRS etc, which are important to understand as part of restoring BusinessObjects. He will share a few personal experiences where he had to help organizations come back from impossible scenarios.


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Minith PatelBackup and Restore in BusinessObjects

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Next BusinessObjects Upgrade

by Minith Patel on April 14, 2020 No comments

Upgrading BusinessObjects can be challenging especially if you have a comprehensive deployment with many reports, universes and inter application dependencies. This presentation will focus on the important topics you need to consider and include useful tips, tools and checklists that can help to achieve a successful upgrade.


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Minith PatelEverything You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Next BusinessObjects Upgrade

Alerting Options in BusinessObjects

by Amy ONeel on February 4, 2020 No comments

The ability to keep a screen up and running on automatic refresh, with either the new feature in Fiori Interactive Mode or in Webi itself, allows your BusinessObjects investment in Web Intelligence to become an integral part of your immediate Business Intelligence awareness. You can even alert via email and have an analytical dashboard link ready to go based on the alert! We’ll have a demo of this feature and walk through the basics with examples of how we’ve seen alerting used. Knowledge is more immediate these days and you can be the one in the know.

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Amy ONeelAlerting Options in BusinessObjects