How to bring in website or services data into Webi

by Tyler Koitka on September 28, 2021 No comments

In this session, we will discuss possible techniques and overview of options to bring in the data from web service and use them for Web Intelligence reporting. We will also see how Web Service can be used to share data from BI as well.

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Tyler KoitkaHow to bring in website or services data into Webi

More Lessons from the Trenches – Part 3.5

by Amy ONeel on September 14, 2021 No comments

As time goes by, there are some interesting and generally applicable things we learn that we think are important enough to share but aren’t big enough for their own presentation. This presentation will introduce some new things we’ve come up against lately such as relatively new requirements for SSL in Chrome, automated bulk users/groups upload, reporting on which reports use Free-hand SQL, issues found in Free hand SQL reports during migration and more (there’s always more…). Looking forward to seeing you there and exchanging your unusual finds as well.


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Amy ONeelMore Lessons from the Trenches – Part 3.5

What's New in BI 4.3

by Runali Ghosh on July 20, 2021 No comments

It may not be an understatement to consider the recent SAP BI 4.3 release as a huge milestone. This comes entirely with the new FIORI-based interface and offers a modern and new experience for ad-hoc and operational reporting as well as designing visually rich dashboards with Web Intelligence. While this is a great foundational step towards future analytics it is also quite a transition from the classic launchpad. This session will summarize the key usability and functionality changes that Webi consumers and developers would potentially come across while transitioning from WebI 4.2 to 4.3.

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Runali GhoshWhat's New in BI 4.3

IDT Special Features: Context

by Minith Patel on January 19, 2021 No comments

You asked and we listened, Join us for our continued IDT educational series delivered by Minith Patel. This session will focus on the concept of “Context” via IDT tool, examples will be provided on how to setup different type of contexts, when to use it, why it can be a good option. This will touch core concept of performing efficient data modeling in the Semantic layer of BusinessObjects….a must attend session for those who are learning about universe design.

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Minith PatelIDT Special Features: Context

Building a Data Warehouse BI Solution in the Cloud in 9 Months from Scratch

by Tyler Koitka on January 5, 2021 No comments

This session will cover the challenges and lessons learned of delivering a new modern DW/BI system in just 9 months. We will cover all angles of the project such as methodology, architecture, design, technologies used and the actual deliverables. As well-doing all this during the current work environment of COVID-19.


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Tyler KoitkaBuilding a Data Warehouse BI Solution in the Cloud in 9 Months from Scratch

More Lessons From the Trenches: Recent Migrations, Upgrades, Conversions from 2020

by Amy ONeel on December 22, 2020 No comments

For the last 3 years at our yearly BI convention at IBIS, we have put together a list of disparate lessons learned. There are always some small things we pick up throughout the year that don’t warrant their own session that make it into our mash up here. This presentation is a sneak peek into some of the items gathered up so far along with some of our favorites from the recent past. We will be highlighting weird bugs, out-of-the-box fixes and interesting applications we find worthy of sharing to make the good better and the better best!

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Amy ONeelMore Lessons From the Trenches: Recent Migrations, Upgrades, Conversions from 2020

Embedding Content: BusinessObjects and Tableau

by Rajesh Ponnurangam on November 10, 2020 No comments

Do you want to know how to embed BusinessObjects reports into Tableau? And how to embed Tableau worksheets into BusinessObjects reports? Join this webinar where Rajesh Ponnurangam from Infosol will walk you through the step by step process for Content embedding with SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau.


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Rajesh PonnurangamEmbedding Content: BusinessObjects and Tableau

Archiving and Retrieving Scheduled Instances

by Amy ONeel on October 27, 2020 No comments

Without limits on folders, copies of scheduled report results (instances) are saved to the repository forever.  Even with limits, many BusinessObjects environments are experiencing instance overload that can reduce performance and index time.  When migrating to a new version these instances can take a migration job from simple and quick to complex and slow.  In this presentation we will walk through the steps to archive instances that will allow you to still retrieve an instance when needed.  If you have a pesky instance problem, or want a way to avoid developing one, join us with your questions, input and shared experience.

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Amy ONeelArchiving and Retrieving Scheduled Instances