SAP Data Services – The Hidden Gem of Data Profiler

by Tyler Koitka on September 4, 2018 No comments

Join us and Data Services expert consultant, Tyler Koitka, in an insightful webinar dedicated to a hidden gem within Data Services. Tyler will discuss and demonstrate how to leverage The Data Profiler, a feature few know about that is native within Data Services. This webinar will assist those looking for better insight and resolution into your profiling needs whether it’s for a new ETL project or enhancing an existing work flow.

Tyler KoitkaSAP Data Services – The Hidden Gem of Data Profiler

Sensitive Data Protection with Data Services Data Masking Transform

by Doug Evans on May 31, 2016 1 comment

In today’s world it is extremely important to protect critical business assets. Join expert Doug Evans to learn how you can build data protection into existing ETL logic as one data movement process. Data Services Data Masking transform provides various data protection techniques to match specific protection requirements. This session will explore how to protect personal identification ID’s such as Social Security Numbers and other personal data such as Email’s, Salaries and randomize sensitive production data for test data management.

Doug EvansSensitive Data Protection with Data Services Data Masking Transform

Data Profiling in Data Services

by Doug Evans on December 29, 2015 No comments

Join us and data profiling expert, Doug Evans as we take the plunge into Data Services. While SAP Information Steward is the primary tool for data profiling, technical data profiling can actually be done directly in Data Services. In this session you will see through demonstration how you can go beyond simple viewing of the data to actually conducting a thorough analysis of your data. This in turn provides you with great information to building better jobs in Data Services. You will see how the data profiling process will produce a statistical analysis that includes Frequency Distribution, Distinct Values, Null Values, Minimum / Maximum Values, Data Patterns, Comparisons of values between data sets and Drill-down capabilities to view specific records.

Doug EvansData Profiling in Data Services