Embedding Content – BusinessObjects and PowerBI

by Rajesh Ponnurangam on April 27, 2021 No comments

Do you want to know how to embed BusinessObjects reports into PowerBI? And how to embed PowerBI Dashboards into BusinessObjects reports? Join this webinar where Rajesh Ponnurangam from Infosol will walk you through the step-by-step process for Content embedding with SAP BusinessObjects and Power BI.


Rajesh PonnurangamEmbedding Content – BusinessObjects and PowerBI

Building Custom BI Dashboards

by JR Camilon on September 1, 2020 No comments

For small to large companies, the BI market offers a great number of tools that are available both as embedded versions and cloud-based (Software-as-a-Service) technologies. Although It’s possible to find solutions that cover nearly any kind of industry-specific data analysis with flexible possibilities, there are great advantages to developing a custom web based dashboard. Based on the requirements, your industry type, the size, and needs of your business, you will be able to understand whether you are ready to or should invest in a custom BI tool.

JR CamilonBuilding Custom BI Dashboards

Predictive Analysis with BusinessObjects

by Amy ONeel on August 4, 2020 No comments

Anyone can do this! No longer the realm of the lone data analyst working on specialty code in the dark corner of the office, predictive analysis has entered the mainstream. In this presentation we will cover what to know about predictive analysis and some of the options to the business analyst from different tools to easy code snippets. We will demo some functionality in SAP Predictive Analysis and some scenarios for taking it further. Seriously….anyone can do this!

Amy ONeelPredictive Analysis with BusinessObjects

Improving the User Experience with Copy in Your BI projects

by Claire Harris on July 7, 2020 No comments

Getting your copy/text right for your dashboards and reports is more important than you might think! choosing an effective visual is only half the battle. You need clear, concise communications to support your data and help convey your message/tell a story.

In this session we take a look at tips and tricks for clear communications, we show you when and where incorporating a tone of voice is important, and we call-out the key information you should include in your chart annotations. You will come away from this session with a better understanding of the level of control you have over how your information is consumed.

Claire HarrisImproving the User Experience with Copy in Your BI projects

BusinessObjects with Next Generation Viz Tools: Tableau & PowerBI

by Rajesh Ponnurangam on October 1, 2019 No comments

Interested in Visualizing BusinessObjects data in Tableau or PowerBI? Are you evaluating Tableau or PowerBI? Find out why more than 50% of BusinessObjects customers in the US are also using Tableau or PowerBI and how to integrate BusinessObjects with these tools. This session will cover creating a visualization in Tableau and PowerBI along with how they can be integrated with BusinessObjects to create optimal BI solutions.

Rajesh PonnurangamBusinessObjects with Next Generation Viz Tools: Tableau & PowerBI

The Integration of BusinessObjects and Tableau

by Allan Williams on November 14, 2017 No comments

Join us and Allan Williams as he presents a fascinating webinar of the integration BusinessObjects customers are exploring with Tableau as their data visualization platform. This session will share how BusinessObjects customers can now leverage existing Universes and Reports into both Tableau Desktop and Tableau server while discovering the possibility of taking Web Intelligence report data and funneling it into Tableau Data Extracts (data source) and Tableau Workbooks (data visualization). This end to end toolset provides BusinessObjects customers with both a reporting and data discovery processes that paves a new road ahead for Business Intelligence users.

Allan WilliamsThe Integration of BusinessObjects and Tableau

Creative Linking in Web Intelligence

by Steve Thatcher on October 4, 2016 No comments

There are times when more than one document is needed to tell the whole story. And the story may be received using multiple methods of report distribution, such as online and e-mail. This webinar will explore linking a document to other documents and websites.

Steve ThatcherCreative Linking in Web Intelligence

Web Services to and from BusinessObjects

by Amy ONeel on September 6, 2016 No comments

Web services are useful for feeding data into and out of BusinessObjects to and from other applications. In 3.1 BusinessObjects introduced the creation of web services to come from Webi report parts for feeding data OUT of BO to other applications.

Webi can also CONSUME web services as a data source directly via Webi Rich Client or, new in 4.1, as a connection option for a universe. Public web services are easily available as additional data sources for weather, stocks, monetary conversion rates, consumer stats, etc. and you can use this information to supplement your internal data.

In this webinar we’ll walk through examples of bringing web services data into Webi reports both directly and with the new Universe connector type.

Amy ONeelWeb Services to and from BusinessObjects

Analysis for OLAP and Explorer

by Rajesh Ponnurangam on May 3, 2016 No comments

Join us and Senior Consultant, Rajesh Ponnurangam, as he shares fascinating insights into some of the most overlooked tools in the BusinessObjects suite. This session will demonstrate how these self-service BI tools provide users with insight into business data while uncovering trends, Rajesh will also discuss some of the key features providing users with the ability to quickly search and explore vast amounts of data on demand.

Rajesh PonnurangamAnalysis for OLAP and Explorer

The Power of Program Objects, Automating Report Governance in the SAP BI Platform

by Don Collins on March 8, 2016 No comments

SAP BI Platform’s Program Objects provide a simple convenient way to execute scripts and java code on a scheduled basis. Not only this, but the scripts you write allow you to “see” folders, reports, users and other objects residing on the BI Platform. This opens up a world of possibility for automating otherwise tedious and time-consuming tasks, and extending your BI Platform’s capabilities.

This presentation will walk you through creating and deploying a Report Governance Program Object, intended to ensure reports that users publish are properly documented. Major points include: Creating the Program Object, Deploying the Program Object, and Other Possibilities. Whether you are a developer or BI Administrator, this session will not only provide you the how-to but also the what-is-possible with your current BI investment.

Join us and Don Collins, Senior SAP BI Solutions Architect with Connected BI, as we explore The Power of Program Objects.

Don CollinsThe Power of Program Objects, Automating Report Governance in the SAP BI Platform