SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Migration – A Case Study to Take Notes On

by Bree-Anna Mustad on June 27, 2018 No comments

BusinessObjects Cloud Migration – A Case Study to Take Notes On

Senior Consultant and BusinessObjects Expert, Rajesh Ponnurangam hosted a webinar this week that to our audience, was well worth taking notes on. The case study webinar focused on a large migration from XI 3.1 to BI 4.2 with Crystal Reports to Crystal Reports Server 10 hosted in the cloud.

This story, although highlighting key steps and methods that ultimately landed this organization at their desired goal to conclude the migration with a success, also came with many lessons learned. Rajesh shares an intimate look at each of the steps that were involved in such an arduous task.

To begin, Rajesh took the audience through a look at the plan form the initial stages after assessing both the environment and timeframe allocated to migrating, updating and testing the soon to be cloud based environment from the old. The stages were as follows:

  1. What is takes to prepare for an upgrade
  2. Installing the BI Platform using a third party cloud hosting provider (in this case AWS; Amazon Web Services)
  3. The migration of reports using the Upgrade Management Tool within SAP BusinessObjects
  4. Configuring and testing the environment (which was explained to have taken 70% of the entire project’s time).


Whether you are an SAP BusinessObjects Crystal user, or an SAP BusinessObjects user to the entire suite, this webinar is a fantastic case study for the sheer in-depth process and planning details, the lessons learned, as well as the value of migrating testing. For those considering in moving to the cloud with their SAP Platforms, this recording will provide guidance and shine a light on all aspects to consider when it comes to the array of options in cloud hosting providers. The important pieces I extracted from this webinar was how, in the end, the majority of issues and time constraints in finalizing the project wound up to be on the cloud server side rather than any issues in regards to the migration of BusinessObjects reports.

Bree-Anna MustadSAP BusinessObjects Cloud Migration – A Case Study to Take Notes On

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