Streamlining Sales with Business Intelligence – A Case Study webinar

by Bree-Anna Mustad on January 12, 2018 No comments

Kicking off our New Year Speak BO webinar series, Tyler Koitka, Senior Consultant with InfoSol shared a fascinating customer case study on the implementation of this organization’s first Business Intelligence solution.

The solution took shape in the collaboration of Web Intelligence and InfoBurst; InfoSol’s report distribution and delivery platform that provides enhanced customization options to BusinessObjects report distribution needs.

This case study shared the resolve of an organizations need to push data outputs filtered by sales person, region and time zone, containing only that sales person Sales Force data, and automatically display the results in the output of a report (Web Intelligence), but embedded as HTML into individual emails.

The “push-method” solution required updated data on a daily bases. However, as Tyler shared with the webinar audience, the organization contained sales people in different regions around the world. This proposed a bit of a challenge when trying to work with SAP BusinessObjects native scheduling options – seeing that organization required these reports to be delivered to each sales person regardless of regional location, first thing in the morning in order to update them on the latest leads from Sales Force. InfoBurst came into play nicely at this stage of the implementation, allowing custom scheduling options and a robust macro builder that enabled them to push data to multiple regions (in the morning), filtered by sales rep, and formatted in HTML so that the report was embedded automatically into the individual email accounts. The emphasis also being that none of the end users actually had to log into the BO Launchpad in order to view their morning reports.

From Sales Force through Web Intelligence to embedded emails, this case study was a nice example of an organizations first Business Intelligence implementation where only two tools allowed them to streamline what was prior, a very manual and time-consuming process.

I look forward to hearing more of these customer case studies at IBIS 2018, a conference that hosts dedicated case study in our Limitless BI Track, hosting stories of how others leveraged BusinessObjects for the first time in order to implement their first Business Intelligence solution.

Bree-Anna MustadStreamlining Sales with Business Intelligence – A Case Study webinar

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