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Let's Speak BO Webinar WAAD Webi As A Dashboard September 19 2020Tuesday, September 29th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

While Web Intelligence has been traditionally seen as a BI reporting tool, more and more organizations are using it to create amazing and effective dashboards.

This eye-opening session will take you on a step by step journey on how to take existing Web Intelligence reports and transform them into beautiful, intricate, and interactive dashboards using many of the new features and capabilities available in the latest BI 4.2 release. Including integration of data viz.

Let's Speak BO Webinar Creating Webi Dashboards that Blow Your Socks Off! October 13 2020Tuesday, October 13th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Taking inspiration from the 2020 Most Valuable Dashboard award winning dashboard, we will show some amazing techniques to creating dashboards in Web Intelligence. This session will cover out the box Webi features as well as some third-party add-on components to make stunning visual dashboards.

Let's Speak BO Webinar Archiving and Retrieving Scheduled Instances October 27 2020Tuesday, October 27th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Without limits on folders, copies of scheduled report results (instances) are saved to the repository forever.  Even with limits, many BusinessObjects environments are experiencing instance overload that can reduce performance and index time.  When migrating to a new version these instances can take a migration job from simple and quick to complex and slow.  In this presentation we will walk through the steps to archive instances that will allow you to still retrieve an instance when needed.  If you have a pesky instance problem, or want a way to avoid developing one, join us with your questions, input and shared experience.

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