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Let's Speak BO Formatting WebI Intelligence 4.3 Like a Pro January 18 2022January 18th at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

First impressions matter - even for reports! This session will be covering how to use formatting shortcuts and templates to make a meaningful report stand out and shine, including new ways to format Web Intelligence in 4.3.

Let's Speak BO Webinar: Dynamic Dates in Web Intelligence on February 1stFebruary 1st at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

A common use case is to run a Web Intelligence report for a date range. That can be easily done with hard-coded date values, but that is not a very user-friendly approach always having to edit the query. Certainly prompts are more user-friendly. However, if you want to schedule a report for a dynamic, named date range such as yesterday, last month, last quarter, etc. you are at a dead-end.

This session will show how I built what I call a “Calendar Universe” a number of years ago that has stood the test of time. We will cover various ways to use dynamic dates talking about the pros and cons of each including the “Calendar Universe”.

Let's Speak BO Webinar Tips for Transitioning to the New Webi 4.3 on February 15th 2022February 15th at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

WebI 4.3 comes with a FIORI-based, modern, and simplified user interface for designing and developing ad-hoc reports, operational reports, highly analytical reports, visually rich dashboards, and more powerful BI content. While this is a great foundational step towards future analytics and end-user experience it is also quite a transition from the classic launchpad that many are used to.

To assuage the fear and panic generated from this huge transformation, this session will share a few tips that we have found quite useful to adapt to the new features faster and make the transition from WebI 4.2 to 4.3 more enjoyable.

Let's Speak BO Webinar Tips and Techniques Used to Convert SSRS Report to Webi March 1 2022March 1st at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

When faced with the challenge of creating a new Web Intelligence report based on an existing SSRS report, there are no magic utilities available but we came up with a method that worked well. This included using the SSRS report query to build new BO universe, using Custom Calculation Contexts in the Webi report and using hide and filter techniques to match output from the SSRS report.

In addition, we Improved data accuracy in the Webi report compared to the original SSRS report. This case study presentation will show how we achieved this.

Let's Speak BO BusinessObjects as Part of BI Strategy for the Next Decade March 15 2022March 15th at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic that started well over a year ago, the importance and significance of Business Intelligence has never been more critical.

Yet, at the same time, most organizations find themselves in a situation where time, resources and budget have never been tighter. As a result, making better and more use of the BI applications in place makes a lot of sense. For many, that means leveraging BusinessObjects as it remains the most widely used BI suite in the world today.
In addition, between Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports, it offers the best BI reporting platform available.

While tools like Tableau and PowerBI are gaining larger market share in the BI space, they are used for data discovery and data visualization and not designed for BI reporting.
It is for this reason, that most organizations who have adopted these tools, retain BusinessObjects for BI reporting.

This session will both discuss and show real customer case studies of how existing BusinessObjects are adapting to the new co-existence norm and how companies, new to BI, are adopting BusinessObjects as part of their new BI strategy for the next decade.

Let's Speak BO Webinar Folding with Web Intelligence 4.3 SP2 - Webi Origami March 29 2022March 29th at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

Being able to view report Totals and subtotals and then expand and dig into one of the subtotals while keeping the others still collapsed – this is a feature in Web Intelligence that has some very valuable enhancements in Webi 4.3 sp2. It is now easy and intuitive to analyze a report with folds and this session will cover how to set this up in multiple scenarios.

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