Upcoming Webinars

Let's Speak BO Webinar BusinessObjects QA January 3 2023Tuesday, January 3rd at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

Join us for a Q&A focused Let’s Speak BO webinar where you, the community, get to ask, answer and discuss everything BusinessObjects!

Registrants to this webinar will be contacted in advance in order to submit questions that will be addressed at the start of the live webinar. Real-time questions throughout the webinar will also allow the community to speak directly to the expert panel.

Let's Speak BO Webinar SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP4 Roadmap February 7 2023Tuesday, February 7th at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

Attend this session to explore the roadmap and future directions of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, including:

  • What’s coming in the next releases, as well as the timeline and priorities for 4.3 SP4
  • The enhancements to help you adopt the BI4.3
  • How the BI4.3 SP4 will prepare the next future release, code name SAP BusinessObjects BI2024.

Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Developing a Real WebI Report Requirement Using Creative Tips and Tricks running on Tuesday, December 6th 2022Tuesday, March 6th at 10am PT/11am AZ/1pm ET

Synopsis and registration coming soon…

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