Achieving Complex Calculation With Webi Custom Context

Calculating aggregation at different levels to slice and dice data is a frequent requirement in the world of BI. Web Intelligence provides a very efficient method to perform aggregate calculations against not only different levels of granularity but also display them together. A very simple example will be to show the Revenue by City and by Country in the same table side by side in the same row. But there are more scenarios in which customizing the calculation context is necessary. As fairly a commonly used feature it is, the advanced use can often be intimidating.

In this session, we will cover some of scenarios in details and go beyond showing basic aggregate at the same row. Knowing this feature will also eliminate the need to export the data out of WebI into excel frequently for detail analysis. Understanding the concept will allow you to recreate many day-to-day spreadsheet activities easily within WebI itself and encourage users to stay more within BI system.

Runali GhoshAchieving Complex Calculation With Webi Custom Context

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