Advanced Formatting in Web Intelligence Part 2

This fantastic webinar dedicated to the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence community will provide an in-depth look at how to convert reports into other report types with an emphasis on creating Master Detail Reports. Join us and BusinessObjects expert, Michael Ward, as he shares many of the new features in Web Intelligence 4.2 including how to hide columns, blocks and sections. Our attendees will learn how to apply conditional formatting to a Master Detail Blocks at different levels to give reports a more dashboard like look. This session will also explore how to apply the many reporting functions from the Analysis toolbar to Master Detail reports, how to place both a report and a chart in a Master Detail Report, navigation techniques in a Master Detail Report utilizing the map tab and more. Michael will also demonstrate and discuss how to insert stop lights as part of conditional formatting and exporting to Excel and PDF from the Master Detail Report.

Michael WardAdvanced Formatting in Web Intelligence Part 2

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