BusinessObjects vs Tableau: Relate with Reporting Requirements Part II

Tableau is one of the most popular tools for visualizations and interactive dashboards. But, how does Tableau handle analytical reporting to meet an organization’s business requirements. Join us and our BusinessObjects and Tableau expert Rajesh Ponnurangam, for part 2 of this webinar as he takes us through an interesting demo of comparing report development features, formulas and formatting guidelines of Web Intelligence with Tableau.


We had multiple questions asking about using the Universe Connector with Tableau, so we put together a quick video demo so you can see how the tool works. The InfoBurst Tab Universe Connector allows users to connect to an SAP BusinessObjects Universe to retrieve data. The UNX Web Data Connector is an add-on to InfoBurst Tab - facilitating Tableau integration with SAP BusinessObjects.


Rajesh PonnurangamBusinessObjects vs Tableau: Relate with Reporting Requirements Part II

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