Exceling it with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2

Join us for a fascinating take on the variety of ways one can still utilize Excel files as a driving data source within Web Intelligence. Presented by Michael Ward, CTTS, this creative webinar will provide the user with a variety of ways Excel files can be used in reporting. Michael Ward will demonstrate and discuss how users of Webi can utilize Excel as a data provider, a bridge file when encountering incompatible format types, and use Excel as a dynamic filer file.

Join us for an in-depth look at how to properly import Excel files, where to store the Excel once its imported, and how to update an Excel file without breaking the Webi Document. Michael Ward will also provide the audience with nice tips and techniques and open your eyes to the real power of an Excel file.

Michael WardExceling it with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2

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