Using the SAP RESTful SDK Without a Single Line of Code

The SAP BI RESTful SDK is the next-generation application programming interface (API) for gaining insight into reporting content on your SAP BusinessObjects Server, especially for Web Intelligence reports.

But the exciting thing — and little-known secret — about the RESTful SDK is that strictly speaking, it does not require you to write a single line of code.

Based on customer experience, this session will demonstrate how developers and non-developer alike can leverage the feature-rich SAP BI RESTful SDK to gain quick insights into their SAP BusinessObjects environment using no more than a combination of freely available tools and applications we are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Excel. Attendees will be able to answer such questions as: How many Webi reports do we have and what are they? What universe objects does my Webi Report use? And what universe objects and folders are contained in my Universe? This session will allow you to harness the power of the programming world and open your use of the RESTful SDK to new possibilities.

Don CollinsUsing the SAP RESTful SDK Without a Single Line of Code

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