Security Lessons From the Trenches

Join Amy O’Neel, BusinessObjects Administrative expert, as she presents security lessons from down in the trenches of BusinessObjects Administration. A webinar that will host a great opportunity to dive into many of the subtleties of BO Security.

Amy will take the attendees through topics such as inheritance, explicit settings, setting on object only and not objects within, and more. This administrative webinar will also explore application rights versus folder rights, hiding functionality with customization, auditing security and the Information Design Tool security detail. Down in the trenches we explore a barrage of security issues that arise. This webinar will compile this year’s best!

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360Suite - BusinessObjects Migration and Administration Tools

Amy demonstrated two tools from the 360Suite tool set in this webinar: 360View and 360Eyes. Learn more about these tools below:

360View: Business Objects Security & bulk Updates

  • Global security displayed on one single screen in a few clicks.
  • Bulk update of content, security or universe overloads.
  • Document all your content (universes, connections, reports, folders).

360Eyes: Analyze Business Objects Metadata

  • Essential to migration or clean-up strategies.
  • Track useless or duplicated reports, unused objects, optimize reports and thus conversion, optimize universes.
  • Compare environments (CMS, version, time).
  • Perform impact analysis.

You can find out even more about 360View and 360Eyes in this overview PDF.

We can also schedule a live demo for you if would like a hands-on demonstration:

Amy ONeelSecurity Lessons From the Trenches

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