User-Specific Options in BusinessObjects

Join us and BusinessObjects Administrative expert, Amy O’Neel, as she takes us through User-Specific Options in SAP BusinessObjects. Some sites have been using @variable(‘BOUSER’) for years to capture the login name of the user in order to filter reports into user-specific data. In this webinar Amy will review the uses of system variables like BOUSER, introduce a few new ones, and also introduce some of the new options in the Information Design Tool (IDT).

This session will also explore User-Defined Attributes through the CMC and pick up on how owners of 360View can take even greater advantage of them. Amy will also demonstrate publishing by profiles in BusinessObjects along with other push-model examples. Providing user specific reporting is convenient for your clients and will make you look good in the process!

Amy ONeelUser-Specific Options in BusinessObjects

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