Welcome to the world of Infographics

by Bree-Anna Mustad on May 4, 2018 No comments

In the SAP Dashboards world, we all have seen at some point an example of just a “cool looking” Dashboard that astonishes us to find out that the Dashboard is 100% native SAP Dashboards.

“How did they get these icons to be clickable?”

“What are these charts they are using?”

These are just some of the questions attendees on our Let’s Speak BO asked our fantastic team from InfoSol UK, when demoing the latest innovations with utilizing native SAP Dashboard components complimented with image-based Infographics.

If you are looking for new clever ways to enhance your SAP Dashboards, I highly recommend tuning into this webinar. Rich Harvey and Mel Sheppard not only demonstrate the construction of these new-age looking Dashboards but also talk to the audience of what considerations took place in constructing these components with Infographic style designs.

The best part is that these Dashboards, given all the time we tend to spend on color schemes and or layout, do not take long to construct. And the immediate benefit is stunning your end user with what appears to be a custom application rather than the components we have all been used to in SAP Dashboards.


Bree-Anna MustadWelcome to the world of Infographics

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