What's new in SAP BI 4.2 SP5? A great question for all of us

by Bree-Anna Mustad on April 11, 2018 No comments

A common question in everyone’ mind who uses SAP BusinessObject after a release of the latest build is what’s new? What features have been added or removed and where is the latest BI 4.2 headed?

Adam Lange with A. Lange Consulting, a fantastic presenter, expert and consultant on everything BusinessObjects hosted a jam-packed session on just that. The hour for such a topic could not have been long enough as he dove into demonstration after demonstration on the latest features, enhancements and differences in BI 4.2 before SP5.

This is a webinar well worth listening to if you are curious about what to expect when planning to upgrade to the latest service pack, or if you are in question on whether to upgrade based upon the features and enhancements to the latest build.

With each service pack in SAP BusinessObjects the features that have been improved for users, changed or removed all together always seem to determine whether we are actually looking forward to upgrading our version or whether we are content with waiting in order to keep using the features and navigation tactics that we have gotten used to. This webinar hosts an array of both pros and cons, depending on how you currently use the toolset, and also sheds light on the direction future service packs may take due to some the changes and enhancements in features a lot of us use when working within the BusinessObjects toolset.


Adam Lange will be back on our Let’s Speak BO in a much anticipated Ask the Web Intelligence Experts, a round table discussion of open format Q&A in which users of the beloved reporting tool can ask any question that pertains to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. Adam being both a SAP BusinessObjects Administrative expert and extremely well versed in Web Intelligence is always great about answering questions that pertain to both report writers and administrators of the SAP tool set. For more information on this webinar coming up please visit Upcoming Webinars.

Bree-Anna MustadWhat's new in SAP BI 4.2 SP5? A great question for all of us

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